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    Entering UCM stage


      Hi, this is probably the wrong place, but "workflow" was the only term that looked vaguely recognizable to me! We are using Oracle (I log into something called "ucmstage") to make edits to selected parts of a company website. Only certain users have permission to edit website content. After logging in through Oracle to ucmstage, users are supposed to hit control-shift-F5 to get into editing mode. Once things are edited, they are updated and pass into workflow for approval. However, I have attempted to get into ucmstage using control-shift-F5 387 times and I cannot make it work. It works fine on coworkers' computers down the hall, but not on mine. Because we are such a giant company, Tech Support is kind of off on Mars and may or may not answer me in this millennium, although they do mean well. I have many increasingly agitated clients (I'm in marketing) wanting their website additions/corrections made ASAP, but I cannot even GET IN to start. It is beyond frustrating. I am Art History Word Girl, not Tech Chika, but surely we have progressed to the point where simply getting into a content server should not require doing multiple regressions or having an advanced grasp of coding. If you have any, ANY, tips n' tricks for me, please do not hold back. I at my wits' end with this silliness. Thanks very much.