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    AutoVue Mockup function issue when integrated  with PLM.


      Hello All,


      Please see my explain and let me know how i solve this.



      1.    We had the integration PLM TeamCenter with AutoVue using
      our Teamcenter connector in
      Hyundai heavy industries, the shipbuilding Division.

      1. 2.    In here, We using a "MOCK UP
        FUNCTION" of AutoVue to Viewing 3D Assembly Data stored in Teamcenter PLM.
      2. 3.     The reason why we cannot use "X-REF"
        function but use the "mock up fuction to view
        To view the structure of a 3D is due to the characteristics of the AVEVA Marine CAD which use in


      in General, 3D
        Assembly is like this

      AM CAD

      1. in General,
          3D Assembly is like this.

          In other words,
        each of levels
          has a their
          information about
        level level 2 3 for information. So level 1 are 1, 2, 3, and includes all the reference
      2.     each level-by-level file containing
          information about the substructure and have that connection

      1.   But I AM not like common CAD 3D CAD
          Reference frame is a single individual discrete components all levels
      2. when this single level open using  AM CAD all part can place in assembly.


      For this reason, NOW All Each individual JT file have to
      mock up to view 3D assembly structure  in JT File stored in Teamcenter.

      So, when we integration AutoVue
      with Teamcenter, to view the JT file viewing ( to see 3D Assembly structure),
      we have to using (loading )the AutoVue's "MOCK UP Function " .
      Because each of the JT
      file  because it does not have the
      X-ref information.


      However, when AutoVue doing  Mock up, Sometimes error indicated which can't make a generalization

      1. When we Using Same File, Sometimes
        success , sometimes fail

      2. Refer to the capture image below . We loading Same file,


                               i.        It appears that these pictures when successful

                             ii.        However, when have failed, it appears like #2

                            iii.        However, if you look at the
      log files within
      "JAVA CONSOLE LOG" ,File loading was both to success, But the result is different


      Please see check my link (sample code and log of JAVA console and log4j)


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          Ricardo Av-Oracle

          It is very difficult to see what your problem is without logs

          a quick peek at your code shows you are using obfuscated classes, which is usually not a good approach

          I would encourage you to log an SR with support or contact your ORACLE sales rep to assistance


          Now from a general POV it seems you are already returning the list of XREFS, so normally if your integration is properly done, there should be no need to implement the mockup trick

          On the mockup side, since you are not paying attention to synchronization between threads, you will definitively run into race conditions

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            Hello Ricardo,


            Thankf for your replay.


            You can check the log through the URL link.

            I can understand your mention when integration method with Mockup process.

            But Our best approch is this method for customer`s requirement.


            So I looking for the good method from ORACLE or other partner.

            Also before SR log, I want to get the more good information from here.

            Please check my URL link once again and give to me help.




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              Ricardo Av-Oracle

              The approach you are using is bound to fail unless a significant amount of care is taken it also circumvents existing (working) framework

              My recommendation is that you use the existing framework to properly implement XREF support

              There seems to be no justification for the work you are doing, the information about xrefs is available on the client so it is also available on the server side, just send it and avoid all the extra headaches

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                Warren Baird-Oracle

                Ricardo is right - mockup is not the recommended way to go here.   If you have a proper assembly file already, I'd recommend just implementing the normal xref support in your integration.


                If the problem is that you do not have an assembly file, just a collection of JT parts, I'd suggest you look at what we call the 'AutoVue Assembly File' - which is an XML file that lists individual parts and the appropriate transformations.   This is documented on page 50 of the 20.2.2 Viewing/config guide: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E49312_01/otn/pdf/E49257_01.pdf


                Best regards,