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    SOA Standards for Commercial Data


      Hi All,


      We are about to undertake a number of integration projects using Oracle Middleware Fusion to integrate newly acquired businesses with SAP ECC. In addition, in the future we will probably want to integrate with external businesses.


      We have decided to follow the SOA practice of using generic business objects, ie objects in "canonical form". The data to be exchanged is ordinary commercial information such as Sales Orders, Purhaase Orders, Shipements, Invoices etc


      So if we want to be fair to all parties involved it is worthwhile asking "What standards for canonical objects should we apply?" Do we create our own or use a standard from one of the Standards bodies. I have heard of UN/EDIFACT, OASIS, RosettaNet etc. But as far as I know none of these standards has really obtained a significant market share, or is really a credible standard.

      So my question is "Is there an SOA standard for the exchange of commericial information that has gained market predominance or is a credible standard?" Aslo, "Has anyone reading this successfully used a standard on a project?"

      Also, "Is there a standard that Oracle endorses?

      Thanks for your help.



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          I think you have to define Canonical Data Model. Then, make sure you provide your Partners XSD Schemas which you are going to use in your system.

          SOA communicates via XML basically, but as far as I know there are no standard XMLs - but I may be wrong.




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            Hi Chris,


            Thanks for your answer. I think we will be using in-house standards and XSF files, as you suggest.


            I think you may be right that there don't seem to be any popular standards - I have asked this question on a number of forums and there has not been a lot of people putting a particular standard forward.


            The only answer I got was from Oracle support who suggested I look at their B2B offering. But I still don't know if any of these standards have a high take up. SAP a;so seems to be inclined to UN/CEFACT CCTS, but I am still unclear on this.