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    Multiple Primary and Physical Standby Databases Configuration in Data Guard Broker



      Is there any possibility of adding two or more primary and physical standby databases configuration in data guard broker ?


      i have 1 primary databases and two physical standby databases i.e.


      1) Primary i.e. pri - (primary database)

      2) Secondary i,e, sec (physical standby)

      3) Secondary2 i.e. sec2 ( physical standby)


      Am practicing location disaster recovery, my scenario is my pri and sec machines are in head office, if pri crashed it will fail over to sec which is working fine and my sec2 is in another area office. suppose if my head office both machines pri and sec crashed, then i want to make my sec2 mahcine as primary.


      i have two separate machines of broker one in head office and one in area office


      Am using fast start fail over in data guard broker, in head office broker machine i have successfully configured pri and sec. but in area office broker machine and not able to congifured pri and sec2.


      can we make multiple configuration of primary database with standby databases ?


      Has any one done this before, or has any one perform a location disaster recovery ...


      need help or suggestion