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    Createpo workflow - intermittent problems with autocreating




      We're on 12.1.3 and have a customised createpo workflow which is intermittently not autocreating purchase orders.


      I can't tie it down to a particular supplier, requisitioner, category or date/time when the problem occurs.


      When it doesn't create the purchase order the problem is due to certain data not being populated on the requisition line. So if I compare a successful autocreation against an unsuccessful autocreation, these are the workflow attributes that are not populated (but should be):

      - Source Document Type Code

      - Suggested Buyer ID

      - Contract ID


      The workflow activity it fails on (result = No) is "Does Contract Info Exist in ReqLine?" within process "Does Req Line Have Enough Information To Create Document?", which is BEFORE any of our customisations other than a couple of notifications added to process "Create And Approve Purchase Order Or Release".


      The workflow attributes are:

      Is Automatic Creation Allowed?     Y

      Is Automatic Approval Allowed?     Y

      Should Contract be used to autocreate Doc? Y

      Should non-catalog requests be autosourced from contract? Y

      Is Contract Required on Requisition line? N

      Should Workflow Create The Release? Y

      Send PO autocreation to background? N



      Can anyone offer any pointers as to why the contract info would not be populated on the requisition line sometimes?