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    How debug OSM using break points


      Is there any documentation that instructs one on how to debug using the break points in the OSM subprocesses?  I also noticed that in some of the xqueries there are references to Oxygen.  Is there documentation on how to use that?  I have taken all three OSM training classes and this was not described in any of them.

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             You can actually refer to documentation "Cartridge Guide for Oracle Application Integration Architecture". In that specifically refer to sections



          2) Setting Cartridge Breakpoints


          For eg : while submitting the order if you prefix [AIATest.2.0] to Siebel order number 1-487639 then order in OSM completes SyncCustomer tasks and waits before InitiateBillingSITask is invoked.

          Siebel Order Number : [AIATest.2.0]1-487639



          Naveen Jabade