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    If changing the hostname of the Audit Vault Server version 12.1.2 please wait until the system reboots automatically.

    Harm Joris ten Napel-Oracle

      Hi everyone


      when changing the hostname of an AV Server in the newly released version 12.1.2, it can take up to 10 minutes from the time a user click ok on the pop-up message "Are you sure you want to reboot the Audit Vault Server for the changes to take affect" to the system actually shutting down for the reboot. The machine must not be manually rebooted as this will cause errors.


      Some background information was provided by one of Oracle's developers for this product:


      AVDF uses Oracle Grid in Restart Configuration. This is needed to leverage the ASM infrastructure to create diskgroups etc. So, when a hostname of a system is changed, the entire Grid stack needs to be re-configured to work under the new hostname. This re-configuration is needed because Grid creates a lot of directories with the hostname in them and when the hostname is changed, it tries to look for critical configuration files under this new "hostname" and of course, they would not be present. Hence, when we change the hostname, an entire re-configuration of the Clusterware is attempted, at which point a new set of directories with the new hostname will be created by the Grid software.


      This reconfiguration operation may take a few minutes to several minutes depending on the hardware/resource specs. This is because re-configuration of the Clusterware stack is a heavy-weight operation and takes time (It needs to shutdown all the CRS services and re-configure them and bring them back up). Hence, the long duration it takes before re-boot. You *MUST NOT* reboot it manually before the system automatically reboots -- otherwise the re-configuration operation will only be half-done. The chances of this re-configuration operation failing is very, very minimal (based on our tests). So, given enough time it _WILL_ complete eventually and the system _WILL_ automatically reboot. You just need to wait for it to happen.


      Hope this will avoid any issues,




      Harm ten Napel