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    Webcenter sites shared directory question

    Hari - Sites

      Hello everyone,


      We are re-visiting our process to spin up new lower environments and would like to make it more efficient and not carry over data/files that we do not need.


      Is there a concise list of sub-directories we could possibly exclude while taking a backup of the Shared directory from Production which could be used to setup a lower environment?


      For example, the list would include something like "SystemPageCache" directory, if you are still using traditional caching. But not "ccurl' directory which contains the content as blobs and would be needed at a lower environment. Basically anything that is content can be moved, but anything that is environment specific and get flushed on a restart or cache clear would not be moved over.




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          Paulr -Oracle

          Hi Hari,


          We do not support or recommend "cloning" of WebCenter Sites environments.  This could lead to misconfigurations and possibly conflicting data if the cloned environment is used in the same WebCenter Sites stack (e.g. development, stage, production).



          The only supported way of cloning an existing environment is to

          1. Install WebCenter Sites in the new environment

          and then

          2. Run a publish to the new environment from the existing environment.