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    Migrating Workflows from 11i to R12


      Hi, i am a beginning analyst and have only a slight knowledge about Oracle Workflow.

      We are using 11i, and will upgrade to R12.

      i was wondering how we can migrate the current 11i custom Workflows to R12?


      also, i've looked around, and saw this Oracle BPEL thing.

      Any information on how this differs with Oracle Workflow? is it any better?


      Thanks a lot!

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          Cuauhtemoc Amox



          The most likely scenario is that you'll need to retrofit whatever R12 provides with the original changes introduced to 11i seeded WF processes. For this, documentation becomes crucial, even as minimal as it might be:


          - List of modified WF

          - Description of the changes

          - Details of changes


          Problem being that identifying WF modification out of the blue is not easy and then running a diff is of no use with a standard diff tool so it will require a) comparing the diagrams to determine if anything changed and b) check if any attributes or values changes (i.e. timeout, performers, function names).


          Once you get a hold of the changes, it is a matter now of identifying if there are any differences introduced on R12 that might impact how the customizations where done. Of the bigger ones I can think of it might be the use of AME if you are on an 11i release where it was not yet present (i.e. Expense report approval) where you should try to use AME for approval handling vs. keeping customization as this would allow for easier maintenance.




          PS. For identifying changes you might try to use WF definition tables as there are some that keep track of modification dates which can be compared to latest .wft date as this one is likely from the last time the WF was created/updated by an installation/patch.

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            Hi! thanks for the reply.

            However, i got lost in how i can identify changes.

            I'm going to try to look for R12 Workflow documentation.

            are the .wft files downloadable from the server through FTP? i can't find the .wft files in the directories.

            Also, will i be needing a new Workflow Builder that is applicable to R12? I have Oracle Workflow installed.


            P.S. I haven't created any workflows, i've only inherited an existing custom workflow.


            thank you for your help!

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              I was able to find the .wft file in the directory by simply doing the steps in this page:



              i will now try to test if it is compatible in R12. hopefully all processes would still be applicable.

              I read somewhere that there's this Oracle Approvals Management (AME) that sounds like it's somehow connected to Workflows.

              Can you clarify something on this? Or should i move this to another thread?


              Would Just like to make my Workflow really efficient and bug free (if possible).


              thank you!

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                Cuauhtemoc Amox



                The wft files are usually under the product top directories, e.g. $AP_TOP/patch/115/import/US


                As per the version, you are good.


                On AME, is an approval engine which was originally used for HRMS modules and was then adopted on other modules, there is an AME documentation pdf on the applications documentation.

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