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    Views on multiple ExtendProxy services in same cluster

    michael gerber2



      I would like to load-balance 2 sets of clients for the same cluster such that each client set is balanced separately. The motivation is that one set is quite small and the other is much larger so it can happen that the clients in the smaller set all end up connecting to proxies on one host, instead of proxies on different hosts.

      I can think of 3 ways fo doing this:

      1) Create a ExtendProxy service, with 2 sub options:

      a) is it possible to expose to have an ExtendProxy JVM expose multiple proxy services (ExtendProxyService1, ExtendProxyService2).

      b) Running 2 parallel sets of ExtendPorxy JVMs

      2) Moving the load balancing out fo the proxy service (to an F5 BigIp in my case) and setting up 2 pools withthe same members. That avoids touching the cluster at all.


      Any opinions?