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    Se congela el Sql developer


      Tengo la version  Versión

      Esta herramienta es excelente pero al trabajar con esta, se congela demasiado, desactivé en preferencias - editor de código, los 5 últimos checks, aun así se para congelando.

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            Galo Balda

            Te pasa solamente cuando estás editando stored procedures?

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              Gary Graham-Oracle

              Special circumstances aside, the most common advice (even for hangs) is...

              1. Install latest production release / patch, currently 4.0.2, into an empty directory.

              2. If not using Windows 64-bit zip download including JDK 7, download and install  latest jdk1.7.0_xx update

              3. If you suspect user settings corruption, upon first-time launch after upgrade,  do NOT migrate user settings.

              If you prefer to stay with 4.01 and your current JDK, try renaming or deleting these folders, then relaunch without user settings migration...

              1. %APPDATA%\SQL Developer\system4.

              2. %APPDATA%\sqldeveloper

              In fact, adjusted for the specific system<n.n.n.n.n> folder, this step is the "gold standard" for verifying user settings corruption is not the problem.  It also helps ensure SQL Developer is not pointing to some older JDK still installed on the machine.


              If there are special circumstances and the above-mentioned generic advice does not help, please always include information about your computing environment and

              details on the circumstances under which the hang occurs. For example, after the all-important SQL Developer version, useful information could include...

              1.  OS and JDK version (32-bit or 64-bit).

              2. Physical RAM, JVM memory settings

              3. Oracle database version and whether the database is on the same PC, or accessed via a LAN or WAN (high network latency)

              4. JDBC driver details.  Do you use the default or override it in Preferences with an Oracle client version?  Thin or OCI/Thick driver type?

              5. Dual monitor system?

              6. Citrix environment?

              7. Third party extensions installed?

              8. What exactly were you doing when the freeze occurred? Was there a large file or files involved?

              9. Number of open connections, worksheets, editors when the freeze occurred?

              Hope this helps,


              SQL Developer Team


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                Gracias por el apoyo


                seguí el consejo, ya no se congela el sql developer.