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    Converting to AL32UTF8 from WE8MSWIN1252 11gr2




      i need to convert a database from WE8MSWIN1252 to AL32UTF8.

      i run csscan without any errors but csalter stops working with the error:


      SQL> @@$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/csalter.plb
      0 rows created.
      Function created.
      Function created.
      Procedure created.
      This script will update the content of the Oracle Data Dictionary.
      Please ensure you have a full backup before initiating this procedure.
      Would you like to proceed (Y/N)?y
      old   6:     if (UPPER('&conf') <> 'Y') then
      new   6:     if (UPPER('y') <> 'Y') then
      Checking data validity...
      Unrecognized convertible data found in scanner result
      PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
      Checking or Converting phase did not finish successfully
      No database (national) character set will be altered
      CSALTER finished unsuccessfully.
      PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
      0 rows deleted.
      Function dropped.
      Function dropped.
      Procedure dropped.



      Attached is my scan.err


      Database Scan Individual Exception Report
      [Database Scan Parameters]
      Parameter                      Value
      ------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------
      CSSCAN Version                 v2.1
      Instance Name                  CONFTEST
      Database Version     
      Scan type                      Full database
      Scan CHAR data?                YES
      Database character set         WE8MSWIN1252
      FROMCHAR                       WE8MSWIN1252
      TOCHAR                         AL32UTF8
      Scan NCHAR data?               NO
      Array fetch buffer size        1024000
      Number of processes            8
      Capture convertible data?      NO
      ------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------
      [Data Dictionary individual exceptions]
      User  : SYS
      Column: EPVALUE
      Type  : VARCHAR2(1000)
      Number of Exceptions         : 0
      Max Post Conversion Data Size: 34
      ROWID              Exception Type      Size Cell Data(first 30 bytes)
      ------------------ ------------------ ----- ------------------------------
      AAAAHcAACAAATHbAA1 convertible              survey.Sehtest erwünscht?.comm
      AAAAHcAACAAATHfAAb convertible              vote.Daily Scrum durchzuführen
      AAAAHcAACAAATHfAAf convertible              vote.Release Planung durchzufü
      AAAAHcAACAAATHfAAh convertible              vote.Task.Täglich
      AAAAHcAACAAATHfAAi convertible              vote.Wie geht es dir heute . c
      AAAAHcAACAAATHfAAj convertible              vote. .Feature1
      AAAAHcAACAAATjtAAT convertible              vote.Retrospektiven durchzufüh
      AAAAHcAACAAATjtAAU convertible              vote.Sprint Planung durchführe
      AAAAHcAACAAATjtAAW convertible              vote.Wie geht es dir heute . k
      AAAAHcAACAAATjtAAX convertible              vote. .Feature1
      AAAAHcAACAAATjtABK convertible              survey.Daily Scrum durchzuführ
      AAAAHcAACAAATjtABL convertible              survey.Sehtest erwünscht?.comm
      ------------------ ------------------ ----- ------------------------------
      User  : SYS
      Table : HISTGRM$
      Column: EPVALUE
      Type  : VARCHAR2(1000)
      Number of Exceptions         : 0
      Max Post Conversion Data Size: 34
      ROWID              Exception Type      Size Cell Data(first 30 bytes)
      ------------------ ------------------ ----- ------------------------------
      AAAAGlAABAAAV6yAAy convertible              führung
      AAAAGlAABAAAV6yAB+ convertible              propritäre-lizenz
      AAAAGlAABAAAV6yACA convertible              prüfgerät
      AAAAGlAABAAAV6yACB convertible              prüfkübel
      AAAAGlAABAAAV6yACa convertible              schlüsselwort
      AAAAGlAABAAAV70ABq convertible              vote.Daily Scrum durchzuführen
      AAAAGlAABAAAV70ABu convertible              vote.Release Planung durchzufü
      AAAAGlAABAAAV70ABw convertible              vote.Task.Täglich
      AAAAGlAABAAAV70ABx convertible              vote.Wie geht es dir heute . c
      AAAAGlAABAAAV70ABy convertible              vote. .Feature1
      AAAAGlAABAAAVwzAA3 convertible              Normenübersicht
      AAAAGlAABAAAVwzABm convertible              Übersichtsseite
      AAAAGlAABAAAWIRAEM convertible              teampge-_prüffeld_r
      AAAAGlAABAAAWIRAEd convertible              teamw2-unterlagen-gültig_ifs_r
      AAAAGlAABAAAWsqABJ convertible              _vl qualitätsmanagement
      AAAAGlAABAAAc4DADe convertible              survey.Retrospektiven durchzuf
      AAAAGlAABAAAc4RADR convertible              µc-os
      ------------------ ------------------ ----- ------------------------------
      [Application data individual exceptions]



      I have no idea why the csalter stops, regarding to the scan.err it shouldn't.


      can anyone help?

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          Sergiusz Wolicki-Oracle

          This is expected. You should not have any convertible data in the data dictionary (except CLOB). csalter.plb does not support converting anything except data dictionary CLOBs. This should be mentioned in a message somewhere in scan.out. As the problematic data is in histogram column, you can get rid of it by purging histograms and histogram history and recreating them after migration. However, histograms are based on user data, so you have convertible data in your user tables, I guess. Presence of this data prevents csalter.plb from running as well.


          As you are on, use Database Migration Assistant from Unicode instead of the deprecated csscan and csalter.plb. It can convert user data.