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    new to 4.02, no gridlines or column names in query results


      this is a little strange, I have SQL Developer 4.02 just installed, and I am not seeing column names or gridlines in the query results.  Did not see anything helpful in Tools > Preferences, what am I missing?

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          The Worksheet gives you a couple of different ways to run a query...

          1. Worksheet toolbar's Run Statement icon (large green arrowhead, or Ctrl+Enter). 

               This produces a Query Result tab with the data displayed in a grid.

          2. Worksheet toolbar's Run Script icon (smaller green arrowhead on lined paper, or F5).

               This produces a Script Output tab with the data displayed as to printer.

          If running the query with Run Script, using certain SQL*Plus commands will suppress the column headings:

          1. set heading off

          2. set pagesize 0  (or 1 or 2).

          Default for pagesize and linesize is -1.  By default the worksheet is free to format script output as it chooses.  If you did not change any of those settings in the worksheet, then see if you point to a startup script in Tools > Preferences > Database > Filename for connection startup script




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