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      I want to update specific field on PO_LINES_ALL and i am trying to use standard 'Import Standard Purchase Orders' .  I have inserted the specific PO into 'Po_Headers_Interface' and 'Po_lines_Interface' with all the mandatory fields and submitted it. The process_code in 'Po_Headers_Interface' is 'PENDING' and 'action' in 'Po.Po_Lines_Interface' is 'UPDATE' to update specific line.


      After submitting the program instead of updating the specific line it is creating new line, when i check the 'action' in 'Po.Po_Lines_Interface' is updated to 'ADD'. I am not sure why it doing this since i am passing 'PO_LINE_ID' in 'Po_lines_Interface' table i am wondering why it is creating new line.


      Any inputs on this is highly appreciated.