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    personalize for work confirmation

    Min -Oracle

      Dear experts,


      The customer is on 12.1.3.


      and customer's requirement is as follow:



      When users create a work confirmation, the default view is set to 'Pay Items Due in the Next 30 Days'.

      How do we set the default to 'All Pay Items'?

      Personalizing 'Message Choice: View' doesn't seem to make a difference so perhaps it's down to the lookup code sequencing. 

      Run the following SQL and you can see the Tag for All Pay Items is set to 3. Would we have to change the tag ordering and, if so, is it safe to do so?

      select lookup_type, lookup_code, meaning, tag
      from fnd_lookup_values
      where lookup_type = 'POS_PAYITEM_SEARCH_PICK_LIST'

      Please give me any advice.