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    ODI replacement


      Hello Friends,


      We have been using ODI since +4 years for data integration for our EPM projects. Happy so far with E2E automated setup that we have built.


      Now, we are asked by our management to see if we can use Informatica (Our Enterprise ETL) instead of ODI. We know INF connectors will always lag behind EPM in terms of versions and Oracle recommendation is to use ODI. We are thinking to use INF to able to provide AGG tables to be loaded into Essbase/Planning using load rules and extract using report scripts/data export.


      Like you help with suggestions.,

      1. Are we heading in right direction? compared with technology trend ETL for EPM

      2. Though we know its going to work having INF produce final output data for load rules to load data into Essbase/planning., what i'm afraid is features that we get from ODI as default need to be built in other solution. Like (exception handling, Metadata build Essbase/planning properties, notifications--etc)


      Please provide your suggestions on your experience of migrating to ODI from other mechanism Or switching out of ODI to adopt other ways to load metadata & data loads into EPM



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          Any thoughts?  suggestions?

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            Better you raise an SR on metalink https://support.oracle.com




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              ODI is Oracle's strategic ETL tool and as such will almost always have richer native integration with Oracle owned products such as the EPM suite built into its framework. That's not saying you cannot build the integrations you require with Informatica but it will certainly require more development work and may be more difficult to maintain through various product versions as features change e.g. are the Hyperion Informatica Essbase adapters compatible with the version of Power Centre you are running etc. You could write a whole essay on the other benefits of ODI vs Informatica but I'm sure the Oracle sales literature will cover that off.  So to answer your questions specifically:


              1) Yes if you want to centralise all your ETL in a common tool. No if you want to use an ETL tool that has better support for your target applications.

              2) Yes you will lose ODI functionality such as reversing data models etc but  that is not to say Informatica will not do what you need it just does it differently and perhaps not as elegantly as ODI

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                Thanks for your response.


                Our plan is not to use INF connectors but use INF as much possible to prepare data as part of ETL then use Load rules/sql data load option to load into Hyperion. Only worry is preparing the dimensions Metadata updates and setting its properties. Currently we use ODI to prepare a metadata delta file with required properties using related KM's and load.