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    Importing all data sets associated with data definations for newly created BP


      We want to transfer the BP's created in Unifier to 9.14. We have created design bundle using and imported the same bundle in 9.14 . After successful import we are able to see the BP's which were created using ,everything is imported except data sets associated with some data defination. In 9.14 data sets are not trasfered (data sets assosciated with data definations created for new BP's i.e.for the BP's rather than OOTB BP's) . So each time we have to export dataset for individual data defination from  and I have to import the same in 9.14. Is there any way to import all data sets associates with corresponding data defination at once? Please let us know the possible solutions.


      Note : Unifier and 9.14 are on different server with individual database.