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    Question regarding converting OCFS2 filesystem from Thick to Thin provisioning on the SAN


      Just a quick question, hopefully someone knows the answer to.


      I currently have a 3TB LUN on my SAN which was configured to use Thick Provisioning. That 3TB has been formatted with OCFS2. My SAN (equallogic) allows me to switch between thick and thin provisioning on the fly and we need to do this in order to move the LUN to a new SAN. I am just not sure how OCFS2 will handle it?


      Has anyone used thin provisioning on the SAN level with OCFS2 or converted it from Thick to Thin before? I am just worried about possible data corruption or file loss since it is very important data on that cluster and if would mean potentially half a day of down time if it had to be rebuilt/restored.