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    Jdapi: setRealUnit (Coordinate-System) FMB/OLB




      as you know, the olb file owns some attributes of a fmb.

      I would like to read out a fmb file with some references to a olb file via JDAPI.


      My problem is, that I need all attributes like with, height, etc. in real unit "pixel".

      So first, I parse the real unit of my fmb to "pixel" with the following codelines:


      final JdapiModule jdapmod = JdapiModule.openModule("C:\\Forms\\Orbit\\MRS.fmb");

              if(jdapmod instanceof FormModule)


                  fmod = (FormModule)jdapmod;


                  final Coordinate crdnt = new Coordinate(fmod);




      Now my question:

      How can I parse the real unit of a olb-file via JDAPI to PIXEL?