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    Issues with Preview Site

    Elena Traspaderne



      We are having issues when we use Preview asset funcionality or insite interface. If I select a template to render the page, then we get an error page always!!.


      We are getting this error in the log:


      15:23:35,603] [fatwire.logging.cs.xml] object.get no object named previewAsset.

      [2014-05-27 15:24:12,220] [logging.cs.xcelerate.asset] error: unable to load asset type information for Variables.previewAssetType, in tag asset.load pagename:OpenMarket/Xcelerate/Admin/SiteFront

      [2014-05-27 15:24:12,220] [fatwire.logging.cs.xml] object.get no object named previewAsset.



      And this other in ss log:


      [CS.SATELLITE.REQUEST][ERROR] Error accessing the external page with pmd: page: /site/pagina-inicio/info?c=Page&childpagename=CorreosSite/COR_Layout&cid=1349165090136&cid2=pagina-inicio&p=1349165090136&pagename=COR_Wrapper

      [2014-05-27 09:04:35.399][CS.REQUEST][ERROR] COM.FutureTense.Common.ContentServerException: ContentServerException: (Failure fetching CacheObject 'page: /site/pagina-inicio/info?c=Page&childpagename=CorreosSite/COR_Layout&cid=1349165090136&cid2=pagina-inicio&p=1349165090136&pagename=COR_Wrapper' from Content Server) Error code:GENERIC SERVER ERROR....


      Does anybody know which could be the reason?


      Thanks a lot!

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          Stephan Da Silva-Oracle

          Hello Elena,


          Are you seeing errors in the remote Satellite Server log? How is preview going to remote Satellite Server? Wouldn't it normally use co-resident Satellite Server?


          The path in the URL in the ss log looks a bit unusual: /site/pagina-inicio/info?.... Usually this is something like /site/Satellite?...

          Was some customisation done to get this path, or is this a vanity URL?

          Also, there should be a stack trace after that log message. Can you post that as well?


          Setting loggers com.fatwire.logging.cs and com.fatwire.logging.cs.db to DEBUG may help shed more light on the problem.


          Kind regards,


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