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    Bookmarks corrupted after close - start application.

    Henrie Cuijpers



      i've got another one. This is annoying me since the first 4.x version... First i didn't see why it didn't work because it is not so obvious....


      I use bookmarks alot to jump around in the code.


      When you open some packages for editing and place bookmarks you can Ctrl-T around/loop through your bookmarks. When you close the application and open it back again the bookmarks still are there but they lost their "context" They don't know to wich package they belong... When you place some new bookmarks and Ctrl-T around the "loop" is broken. When Ctrl-T hits the first "broken" bookmark it stops working......


      The workaround is to open the bookmarks view and delete the broken bookmarks.



      PS (Is there a way to add a little screenshot to a post?)


      PS 2 Yes i use OS X version so it is not Ctrl-T but ⌘-T, but that's not important regarding the bug.



      Java 1.7.0_55

      Mac OS X version / Oracle Look & Feel...