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    Siebel - new window / pick applet / popup error.



      I have seen a couple of user's with a Siebel error when opening a link that opens a new window like a pick applet.

      See this link for a picture of the error : http://i1052.photobucket.com/albums/s453/Fatima-FB/Siebel-IE-Error_zps908b9d48.png

      Any idea what is causing this and ideally  how to fix it ?

      This is what has been done so far with no results:

      -          Verifying the IE security settings ( including the clear the Enable third-party browser extensions (requires restart) check box )

      -          Deleting and reinstalling the Siebel objects

      -          Reinstalling Java

      One additional aspect to this, is that both users had in common that  their IE was upgraded by accident to IE11, so it was downgraded back to IE8 with no issue but this alert issue persists.


      Any help would be much apreciated.





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          We have been seeing some strange issues with new windows, sessions, etc. with IE8 over the last few weeks (particularly).  Do not have any definitive answers yet but may have something to do with the IE security fixes that came out recently.  If you (or your users -- not sure what role you have) have the ability to log a service request I would suggest doing so to allow us to better troubleshoot and track these issues.


          I will come back and update this thread when we have something more definitive.  Right now we are trying to catalog the various behaviors we are seeing and determine what might be going on.


          Best regards,

          Stevan - Oracle