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    "peer not authenticated" - Connecting to ORDS with SQL Developer

    Tim St. H.


      Configuring ORDS (2.0.7) to my database, with APEX_LISTENER and APEX_REST_PUBLIC_USER created via APEX 4.2.2 script.


      Listener is running as expected - and APEX works as expected.

      ORDS credential setup (as made evident by the credentials file with the user name inside)

      Addition of the line to the ords/default.xml:  <entry key="security.verifySSL">false</entry>

      To allow connection without using SSL.


      Current Status

      I am able to connect using SQL Developer "Restful Data Services" feature using the "HTTP" connection and the credentials that have been setup successfully.



      Attempting to configure a SQL Developer ( connection using the same account, but HTTPS with 443 - the connection results in the error message:


      Authentication Failure

      Cannot connect to S42

      peer not authenticated


      I am using an installation of Tomcat and a version of Glassfish to test this feature.  I have received the same error on both test cases.

      I have also tested by removing the <entry key="security.verifySSL">false</entry>


      Is there a specific type of HTTPS certificate that is required to connect using HTTPS? 

      Did I miss a different setting?



      Tim St.