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    Internal Error


      Hello All,


      I am trying to put the some values on report attributes of one non interactive report page to download the report with cvs file. After giving the file name (with some variables) I am clicking on the Apply Changes button but every time its giving flowing error:-


      <html><body><h1>Internal Error</h></body></html>



      URL become :- http://IPpaddress:localhost/apex/wwv_flow.accept



      Can some one please help me that how I can avoid this step? and apply this change or if there is any way to resolve this issue?


      Thank you

      Amit Sharma

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          Sunil Bhatia

          Some values???


          You need us to guess what you are putting, and provide you the solution?


          Also, for UI designs can you create anything on apex.oracle.com and reproduce the issue.


          - Sunil Bhatia

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            Hello Sunil, thanks for your response.

            here is the value I am trying to put in Report Export section as File name:-



            I am afraid, I am not able to create same issue on apex.oracle.com :-(

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              Sunil Bhatia

              I am afraid, I am not able to create same issue on apex.oracle.com :-(

              Is it working there, or you dont have workspace?


              CAn you provide hardcoded values and see if its working. File name comes in a form of URL, and i assume your special characters & and . is causing issue. Can you test it using hardcoded values, and post the result. I think if somehow these special characters are removed, your issue will be solved.

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                An "Internal Error" is a web server error - not an Oracle error. So you cannot really diagnosed what went wrong in Oracle (Apex) from such an error page.


                Apache used mod_plsql to service the URL request received from the browser. mod_plsql changes the URL into a PL/SQL, connects to the database configured for that URL, and makes the call.


                If an error is raised by that call, and the error is not handled, it propagates right up the call stack to Apache/mod_plsql. What is it now to do? Return an Oracle error code to the web browser, that it will not understand how to interpret?


                That is not standard - as the specifications say that in case of an error inside a web server servicing a URL that are not caught, an HTTP 500 must be returned.


                And that is what is returned.


                So this error means that an exception occurred in the Apex flow engine/run-time. The exception was propagated to the web server. The web server threw a 500 HTTP code at the browser. To see the actual Apex error (Oracle exception), one needs to look at the error log of the web server.

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                  Thanks Billy. I will check the error on webserver.

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                    Hi Sunil, & and . can be used when you want to use hidden item's value. I am already using the same method in my other application but the said one is not let me apply the changes .

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                      Hi Billy, I have checked the webserver log files but could not found any specific for this error do you have any example that how its look like in the log file and which log file i should refer.


                      Regards, Amit Sharma

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                        We use OHS - Oracle HTTP Server. This is a basic Apache 2 build, with some extras - like the mod_plsql module.


                        The typical OHS directory for logs are  $ORACLE_HOME/instances/<instance>/diagnostics/logs/OHS.


                        There are usually 2 primary logs. The access log records client (browser) calls and server responses. The error log contains Apache errors encountered while servicing a URL.


                        For example, an error log entry for an ORA-03113 error (common client error due to an ORA-600 on the server) will look something as follows:

                        [2014-06-03T08:20:05.9665+02:00] [OHS] [ERROR:32] [OHS-9999] [mod_context.c] [host_id: www-server.my-domain.com] [host_addr:] [tid: 1240115520] [user: oracle] [ecid: 004yiXx9uwC03zpLGQL6if0005uJ01F5o7] [rid: 0] [VirtualHost: main]  MODPLSQL-00056: mod_plsql: HTTP-503 ORA-3113 ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel\n, referer: http://www-server.my-domain.com:7777/dadname/f?p=101:1:385145236174289::NO::


                        Do not expect all errors to provide exact details of the referrer though (web client URL serviced) though.

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