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    FDMEE schema tables




      We're using FDMEE with Hyperion Planning, and currently we're noticing that the FDMEE user tablespace is huge and frequently grows hugely.


      Is there a way to disable loading all failed trials of loading into FDMEE? as so far we didn't push any data successfully into Hyperion but every trial looks to be stored in the FDMEE, and the continuous growth of the tablespace cannot be maintained by just extending its size.


      We've also disabled the option of storing the files for the drill through option.


      Do you know how to disable this feature of storing all data even if it's an unsuccessful load ? and do you know also what are the FDMEE tables that we can check to truncate as a temporary solution ?



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          what is the database you are using , oracle or SQL server ?




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            Do you know which objects in the FDMEE schema are growing?


            The FDMEE schema does contains the ODI work repository (unlike ERPI) where the ODI Operator logs are stored (which can take up a fair amount of space over time). One option to free some space might be to delete old sessions from the ODI Operator log. I'm not sure if you can do that via the ODI console though - you may need the ODI Studio to be able to easily delete old sessions from the ODI Operator.





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              It's Oracle database.


              We can only notice that the table space is growing , we don't know which tables are growing, we're just adding more data load mappings and rules. I mean the normal work of FDMEE.


              I'll check the ODI operator thing, so there's no setting from the FDMEE? I'm just thinking that as a permanent solution it shouldn't be that we have to manually go and delete some old sessions. Is there a more permanent solution?

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                With the joys of google and a bit of tinkering I've managed to put this together that lists objects in the current user's schema ordered by the space that they use in bytes




                If the tables taking up the most space are SNP_ tables then that's the ODI tables (SNP_SESS_TASK is one of the larger tables in my test system) and truncating the Operator logs might help. Otherwise we'd need to know which tables (or other objects) seem to be taking up the most room to be able to say what is contained in the table(s).


                I don't think there are any settings to not record failed loads in FDMEE - a lot of info is stored in the FDMEE schema for auditing purposes.