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    Hyperlinks and Pushbuttons unresponsive in Faculty Center in Campus Solutions 9.0


      During our grading for the last two terms we have had a faculty complain that he could not save more than once when entering grades.


      Upon closer analysis, we have found that not only does the Save button become unresponsive, but all the links and push buttons on the page are unresponsive as well. The Change Class button, the select grade roster button on the My Schedule page, etc. We have tried many browsers and tested as many instructors using several different environments, and one of the things we find is that clearing cache after the issue appears helps in most cases, but we are not sure how to trace this issue or troubleshoot it.


      I have two questions; (1) is this an indication of a system problem (not enough memory) or a browser issue? and (2) is there any way to trace this issue and/or resolve it?


      We are on PeopleTools 8.52.10 and Campus Solutions 9.0


      Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.


      Tamara Foster

      Northwestern University