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    Finding Returns booked by a customer and vice versa


      Hi All,


      We have the following requirement:


      Once an RMA order created from iStore is cancelled from the Order Management, the customer who created the RMA order must receive an email saying that the order is Cancelled/Rejected.


      Could you please advise on how i can achieve this? I was planning to use the alerts, but was stuck on the point of how to get the email id of the customer from order management tables.

      Please assist.



      Naveen B

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          Hi Naveen,


          iStore allows for functionality for RMA approvals/rejections and notification is then sent to the iStore user -


          Oracle iStore Implementation and Administration Guide

          Step 4 - Set up Returns with Approval


          Optionally, merchants can set up returns to use an approval mechanism before they are submitted to Oracle Order Management, if they are using at least Release 11.5.10 of Oracle Order Management (see the section, "Returns Functionality With and Without OM Release 11.5.10").


          The approvals use standard Oracle Workflow processes and related e-mail notifications owned by Oracle iStore. The e-mail notifications are: Return Order Approval and Return Order Rejection. See the chapter, Integrating Oracle iStore with Oracle Workflow, for details.


          By setting up returns with approval, administrators can approve or reject return orders before they are processed in Oracle Order Management. In addition, merchants can specify a hierarchy of approvers.


          To set up returns with approval:

          Approver List Setup --- Set up a new Approver List with following attributes:

          List Name/Description – iStore RMA Approvers/iStore RMA Approvers

          Transaction Type -- iStore RMA

          Transaction Phase – Fulfillment

          Select one role or responsibility that will be responsible for approvals.

          Note that this LOV will display all applicable Oracle Workflow roles or Oracle Applications (FND) responsibilities. Selecting a Workflow role will enable all the people attached to that role to get the e-mail. Similarly, the same behavior will occur with an FND responsibility.