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    Clustering EJB RMI


      Here is my scenario:

      - Weblogic cluster with three instances of the server;

      - On cluster is deployed an EJB stateless.

      - Launch the test client with three addresses: t3 :/ / localhost: 7003, localhost: 7004, localhost: 7005;

      - The client connects easily and enables you to understand about quele node in the cluster makes the call;

      - Properly run the round robin (server1 - server2 server3 and so on)

      - Stop the node one and the application continues to run only on server2 and server 3 correctly (failover)

      - I restart the server1 but the application is always and only on server2 and server3. (ignore that the server is Tormato of 1).

      My question is:

      But it should not be weblogic to inform the client that the server is back up?