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    User-defined http header and com.oracle.httpclient.HttpRequestBuilder

    Bruno L



      In Java ME Embedded 8, I would like to send a HTTP request containing a user-defined identifier in the http header (X- header type), using the com.oracle.httpclient package.


             HttpClient client = clientBuilder.build();

              HttpRequestBuilder requestBuilder = client.build(http://my_uri);
              requestBuilder.setHeader(HttpHeader.ACCEPT, "text/plain");


      Here, I would like to add a user-defined header value like :
            requestBuilder.setHeader("MyHeader", "myHeaderValue");


      It seems that there are only pre-defined values available for headers in the com.oracle.httpclient.HttpHeader class.


      Is there any way to add a user-defined header in the request ?


      Thanks in advance.