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    Modifying currency for Requisition Templates in iProcurement


      Hi All,


      We have requirement to default supplier currency instead of functional currency for requisition created in iProcurement using requisition templates.

      To add requisition templates lines, we normally follow the below steps:

           1. Go to shop -> shopping list -> select requisition template -> click on Go button

           2. Select the line(s) displayed, modify quantity if required and add it to cart.

           3. Checkout and complete requisition.


      Usually functional currency is being displayed for requisition template lines. As we cannot set currency while creating requisition templates, we are looking to default supplier invoice currency.


      Please let me know what conditions (COLUMNS) in requisition lines table (PO_REQUISITION_LINES_ALL) can be checked to flag a requisition line as being created from requisition template, so that we can default supplier currency using OAF customization.


      Thanks a ton. Appreciate any help on this.