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    SQL Server migration, tables/data won't create


      Hi everybody,


      I'm attempting to migrate from SQL Server 2008 to Oracle 11g using the Oracle SQL Developer migration wizard. The migration goes through all the steps showing "complete" for Capture, Convert, Generate, and Datamove. However, it doesn't create anything at the destination.


      The migration project shows my SQL Server database as both Captured and Converted. Right clicking on the Converted version goes through the motions, looks like it's creating tables, etc. Just nothing comes of it.


      When I look at the migration log file it says this:

      Dropping Role ROLE_Migration2 ...


      Error starting at line : 16 File @ C:\Temp\Migration_Project\Migration2\Migration2\generated\2014-05-29_12-29-38\master.sql
      In command -
      DROP ROLE ROLE_Migration2
      Error report -
      SQL Error: ORA-01924: role 'ROLE_MIGRATION2' not granted or does not exist
      01924. 00000 -  "role '%s' not granted or does not exist"
      *Cause:    Set role can only be performed with roles granted
                 directly to your account. (e.g. a sub-role cannot be enabled)
      *Action:   Don't try to set the role.
      Creating Role ROLE_Migration2 ...
      connecting to Emulation


      Error starting at line : 22 File @ C:\Temp\Migration_Project\Migration2\Migration2\generated\2014-05-29_12-29-38\master.sql
      In command -
      connect Emulation/&&Emulation_password
      Error report -
      Connection Failed


      It looks as though it's failing when trying to connect to Emulation/&&Emulation_password. What is that, and what would make it fail there?

      A bit of information on my scenario: I am not the DBA of the server but a developer. So we've been given a table space and have been given a user that has full privileges to create tables, procedures, etc. Since we've only been given the one user I used that user to create the repository on. I'm also using that user as the destination for the migration.

      So I have a migration repository on User_X, and I'm trying to migrate SQL Server to User_X. Is this failure to connect to Emulation/&&Emulation_password because I have the repository created in the destination user maybe?