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    Update KFF Field based on the lov value selected


      Hello Gurus,

                 we have a seeded page that contains kff field which is based on CCID of Acccounting Flexfield KFF. The requirement is to add a new lov field to the page and when user selects a value from the lov field, the kff field should be automatically updated.



      Here is what I have done till now.


      1. Created a lov region that displays values for columns x and ccid.

      2. Personalized the seeded page and added following items

          a) Form Value Item

                   View Name: BasepageVO

                    View Attribute: BagepageVO.ccid

          b) lov item

               External Lov : path for lov region created in step1


                     LovMap1: Return Item: :lov item

                                    Criterial Item: lovitem

                                    lov region item: x

                    Lov Map2: Return Item: Form value Item

                                    Lov Region item: ccid



      After doing above steps, when I select a value in the lov  item nothing happens, but when I click on save button on the seeded page, the kff field gets updated.


      I have also tried extending the controller and setting the basepageVO.ccid attribute on lov event. This didn;t work either.



      Can anyone please tell me how to make the kff updated as soon as lov value is selected.




      Thanks in advance!