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    How to pass parameter for Destination URI  in OAF Personalization


      Hello Team,


      I have created custom search page ,and this page will be called from standard customer search page  (Customer Type --> Person)

      The requirement is we need to display some addtional information of each customer under new custom page , based on the account number from standard page.



      1)We created custom page deployed successfully

      2) Using OAF personalization created  a button in  standard customer page  (Customer Type --> Person)

      3) In the button property under Destination URI calling the custome page as below



      the page is getting called but , I need account number enterd by user in standard customer page to be populated in custom page when ever button is click.

      I tried with OA.jsp?page=/xxmi/oracle/apps/ar/search/webui/AccountsSearchPG&acctnumber=${AccountNumber}

      But it was not populating the account number..


      Please help.