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    Java ME 8 UI

    Travis Berthelot

      Java ME 8 did not get released with a UI API. Correct?


      Are we getting MIDP 3.0, LWUIT, or a different UI?


      I emulate J2ME (CLDC/MIDP) on Android, HTML5, J2SE, and Flash but I would like to support Java ME 8 as well.  To do this I need to know what UI will be the optional standard.





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          Hi Travis,


          Right, there is no UI API in ME8 except for Line UI. We've working on defining the proper API but currently cannot say what that would be. Sure it will not be MIDP 3 UI, it was dropped as not relevant for embedded. LWUIT? almost likely not. As you can see we put a serious effort in converging Java SE embedded and Java ME embedded, so there is high chance that UI APIs are converged as well




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            Travis Berthelot

            I am fine with MIDP UI, Swing, AWT, SWT, LWUIT, OpenGLES, or similar.  I just don't know which it will be.