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    Connectivity with Oracle E-Business Suite R12


      Hi ,


      I Installed and configured FDMEE with my epm which is a virtual server ,

      I need to configure Oracle R12 ERP sources with FDMEE ,

      So In ODIConsole i Configured the EBSDataserver  with the R12 database details, Created physical schema and logical schema with the configured EBSDataserver


      In Datamanangement --> Setup --> system settings --> selected  profile type ODI and check ODI Connection


      In Source system selected R12 details and clicked initialize [ The process has been submitted to initialize the source system. Process ID: 27 Extract ID: 16501]


      In Source accounting entity , If we select Source system type and source system means the data are not fetchinggggg , ' no data to display'  in entities


      Checked log file in C:\Oracle\FDMEE\outbox\logs\SunR12_28.log


      2014-06-01 23:52:12,224 INFO  [AIF]: FDMEE Process Start, Process ID: 28

      2014-06-01 23:52:12,225 INFO  [AIF]: FDMEE Logging Level: 4

      2014-06-01 23:52:12,225 INFO  [AIF]: FDMEE Log File: C:\Oracle\FDMEE\outbox\logs\

      2014-06-01 23:52:12,225 INFO  [AIF]: User:admin
      2014-06-01 23:52:12,225 INFO  [AIF]: Location:NA (Partitionkey:null)
      2014-06-01 23:52:12,225 INFO  [AIF]: Period Name:NA (Period Key:null)
      2014-06-01 23:52:12,225 INFO  [AIF]: Category Name:NA (Category key:null)
      2014-06-01 23:52:12,225 INFO  [AIF]: Rule Name:NA (Rule ID:null)
      2014-06-01 23:52:12,798 INFO  [AIF]: Jython Version: 2.5.1 (Release_2_5_1:6813, Sep 26 2009, 13:47:54)
      [Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (Sun Microsystems Inc.)]
      2014-06-01 23:52:12,798 INFO  [AIF]: Java Platform: java1.6.0_35
      2014-06-01 23:52:34,703 INFO  [AIF]: FDMEE Process End, Process ID: 28


      How to fix this issue..



      Thanks in advance