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    creating a closing balance in FDM




      the IT department is only able to provide periodic transaction from their GL.


      While it is not a problem to load periodic values for a P&L account, it is for a Balance Sheet one.


      now i managed to import all data into the first year last period to create a closing (last period first year) and subsequently opening balance (first period, second year).


      so what is left is to create (meaning import) following closing balance.


      one idea is would be to collect the previous period (by account and dimensions, not transaction) and add the current transaction to that, in a Befimport script.


      so my question is as following: would it be possible to retrieve, maybe from the tdataseg table, a sum by HFM dimension of the previous period? or would it potentially create performance issue?


      or is there any other smart way / best practice to do this?


      thanks for any help