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    Lookup between Oracle Discoverer Reports


      Hi Team


      I need your thoughts on lookup between two oracle discoverer reports.

      Say, i have a below repositories:

        1. Employee Details - Unique records identified by Employee ID  [lets call this as EMP_REP]

        2. Passport Release & Return Transactions - Multiple records identified by Employee ID, Serial No for the transaction, release and return dates. [lets call this as PP_REP]


      The requirement is to join EMP_REP and PP_REP and to get the latest data of PP_REP.

      I did below:

      1. Created a new cross tab sheet using the repository PP_REP by selecting Employee ID and Max(Sl No) only which correctly gave me the last serial no for an employee.

      2. Now I'm stuck getting the further details that has data from both repositories EMP_REP and PP_REP whereas the Employee ID and Serial No are looked from cross tab sheet i created. I tried to use subqueries in conditions but in vain.


      Any suggestions will be of great help to me.