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    i-Procurement Supplier Punchout <Extrinsic Name Mapping> using cXML / OAG


      We would like to map two extrinsic name fields while doing the punchout (Highlighted) using cXML, but we don't have any documentation that explains how to achieve this.


      If its not supported by cXML, Please suggest if we can achieve this using OAG with Oracle Supplier Network. Any leads in this regard will be much appreciated.


      <UserAgent>Oracle iProcurement</UserAgent>






            <PunchOutOrderMessageHeader operationAllowed="create">


               <Money currency="AUD">87.51</Money>



            <ItemIn quantity="1">






                  <Money currency="AUD">61.51</Money>


                <Description xml:lang="en">IETM XSO90102R</Description>


                <Classification domain="SPSC">46181503</Classification>


                <ManufacturerName>Supplier XYZ</ManufacturerName>

                <Extrinsic name="EmbroideryId">01</Extrinsic>

                <Extrinsic name="EmbroideryText">John Doe</Extrinsic>