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    Recommended strategy for making User Application Schema changes on production


      What is the recommended High Availability strategy when changing an application database schema on a production server using Data Guard? I have the following understanding of how this might work and I'm  not sure whether a) it's correct and/or b) it's the best strategy?

      1. Switchover to Standby - semi-manual Data Guard operation; the spplication is configured to now use the Standby.

      2. Apply schema changes to the Production Server database (e.g., update pl/sql procedures, application tables, etc.) and test

      3. Reload data from the Standby when it was used as Master (or alternatively set the Standby database as read-only during this time to prevent any DDL transactions)

      4. Stop the Standby

      5. Apply schema changes to Standby

      6. Resume Data Guard operations
      Thank you,