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    Georaptor installation issues


      Hey all


      I am trying to install georaptor into my SQL developer 3.1.07 as per






      I have tried using both the automatic update and just downloading the .jar file. All it does is say it is finished and requires a restart, but doesnt show in my view menu.


      Just wondering if anyone could think of some stuff I could try.




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          John O'Toole

          Hi Tim,


          GeoRaptor doesn't yet work with SQLDeveloper 4.* but it does work fine with 3.2.*.  I don't have version 3.1.07 to test with - I am using it with which is the last SQLDeveloper 3.* release.  If you're having difficulty installing it on 3.1.07 then I'd recommend updating to the SQLDeveloper release.


          Ensure you've got the latest GeoRaptor jar file (release from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/georaptor/


          In SQLDeveloper, go to Help->Check for Updates...
          Select "Install from Local File" and browse to the GeoRaptor jar file.  You'll need to restart SQLDeveloper, but that should be it.   GeoRaptor should now appear at the bottom of the SQLDeveloper "View" menu.


          Let us know how you get on,