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    My Oracle linux oel6 keeps restarting


      I ahve setup oel6.4  on a VMWARE player virtual machine. Everything has been working fine for years. Then started playing with large pages. I think I have set

      vm.nr_hugepages =  50000

      in /etc/sysctl.cnf

      too high

      So now when I reboot my Linux VM it takes forever to boot, then when it is bringing up oracle instances from /etc/init.d, it dies. But it then it tries to restart from the beginning and

      so on.


      How I can fix this problem. Once login screen comes, I can go and make changes yscnt.cnf to remove huge pages... but my login screen is not coming.


      I am not a linux admin, I am a Oracle DBA.


      Any pointers will be helpful.



      too high

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          Ratnesh Kumar Roy



          Have you changed in the file /etc/sysctl.conf file the parameter vm.nr_hugepages =  50000.  This is for large page.  and after setting, have you boot the server or run sysctl -p



          can you please post the output of it.



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            Hugepages uses 2 MB memory pages that are reserved at startup. I doubt your virtual machine has 100 GB of RAM. I have not tried it, but it might work to start the system into single user mode to revert your setting. Simply press any key to enter the Grub boot menu when the system starts, then move the cursor to your kernel and press the letter 'a' and add the word "single" or "S". If this does not help, try to to use "hugepages=0".

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