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    Question on using entities

    Han Joosten



      I am involved in creating an interview with a large amount of rules. It will contain a peculiar property, for which I would like the opinion / suggestions of this forum.


      The questions are about a person and (optionally) his/her partner. A lot of the questions are double, that is, if there is a partner, those questions are also asked about the parnter. Inferencing is also foreseen on those 'double' attributes. The client is damanding on the look and feel of the resulting interview, for real clients are going to fill it in.


      I see two ways to go:


      1) Create an entity (the person), knowing it will max have two instances, to contain all properties of each of the persons.


      2) Have all properties at global level, but double (i.e. the age of the requestor, the age of the partner)


      Both scenario's have consequenses:

      In scenario 1) rules are only modelled once,  so it will be easier to write and modify them. It is easy to guarantee that the rules for the requestor and the parner are the same, because they are by design.

      However,scenario 1 will need to have some entity collect sreen, which is awkward to get a logical look&feel,


      I would like to go for scenario 1), but I am hesisant because of the need for an entity collect screen. Would it be possible to infer the entity instances, and then add base attribute values to the inferred instances? If so, how can this be done?


      Any other suggestions are welcome too!




      Han Joosten