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    Problem with SGD-Gatway 5.1 from external Login


      Hi Oracle Community,

      i have instaleld a testenvironment bevor licensing a bigger environment about the new sgd version.

      the most needet thing ist the tablet support of sgd 5.1


      so i have installed following.


      1 oracle linux server on with sgd tarantella 5.1

      1 orace linux server with sgd gateway


      i have config and isntalled all ssl certifiacat and secure mode as in the documentations are shown and write!

      when i login at the sgd gatway from the internal network it works perfekt all work great

      with tableatt and in browser.


      so i have test the login from external.

      there are two problems.


      first in browser i can login after login the connection ist gone and it shown you loged out successfully.

      on the tablett i can login and i can navigate to all my applications.

      but when i start the application there are an error on mobile device



      This Application session cannot be resumed


      on information tab i see

      in the debug section:


      Connectino Closed(3)

      Error: Connection error from wws.//sgd.xxx:5307 (3)


      So i have no chagne to login from external.

      i have all test and nothing work. so the secure connection secure options alle i have configed an test.

      firewall open ports the same i have open 443, 5307 and all other.


      but i should only open 443 with gatway!


      in the log file of sgd gatway and sgd not errow shown i have make the log level higher but nothing happend. no entry about the connection lost or disconnection problem!


      anyone can help me?