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    Repeating Section Containing Data from Multiple Queries?

    Nick Clinite



      I am building a department report that is completely contained inside of a Repeating Section that repeats on Department.  Each iteration of the Repeating Section is meant to be its own separate report that will be printed out and delivered to each department.


      The first page of each iteration needs to be a summary page of the entire institution for the given period in time.  In other words, the data shown on the first page of each iteration needs to show the same data.


      In order to do this, I created a second query specifically for the Institution Summary page, which is not joined at all to the Main Query.  So inside the Repeating Section (which is repeating on Department from the Main Query, and filtering on a separate column also within the Main Query) I created a pivot table that performs a Count Distinct on an Institution measure.  Since this second query is not reference in any way in the repeating section, and is not linked in any way to the query that is referenced in the repeating section, I was expecting it to display the full total for each and every iteration.  Instead, I discovered the first two iterations having two different numbers, and every iteration after that just showed NULL.


      I then tried changing the Institution query to perform the Count Distinct in the query itself, and then just show the result in a Data Table.  That resulted in the following error when I try to display in HTML: oracle.xdo.template.online.dms.common.XDODmsException: IO Exception was thrown! oracle.xdo.template.fo.elements.FOBlock cannot be cast to oracle.xdo.template.fo.elements.table.FOTableCell