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    problem disabling Space Management Coordinator (SMCO)


      Hi All,


      I have recently installed XE on Linux x86_64. After database startup i noticed about 30 background processes and 10 of them are (W000 - W009).


      I looked into some support documents and found that the below sql would turn off this feature. In my case i still see the 10 background processes after changing the parameter to 0 followed by a db bounce.




      Please guide me if anyone knows how to disable this feature in xe.


      Thanks in Advance.

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          What's the problem?


          There are a couple MOS notes on a bug related to SMCO, some indicate trouble when a tablespace is trying to autogrow.


          Are there any datafiles with .... AUTOEXTEND ON NEXT ... ?


          There are also a few mentions of troubles with tables or indexes having a very small .... NEXT .... parameter.


          select OWNER, INDEX_NAME, NEXT_EXTENT from  dba_indexes order by NEXT_EXTENT desc
          -- and

            select OWNER, table_NAME, NEXT_EXTENT from  dba_tables order by NEXT_EXTENT desc



          One must know the problem before trying to fix it.