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    Transaction Log accumulation using XLA (TimesTen




      We are using XLA for replication between different versions of our application database. XLA is only subscribed to a small set of the tables in our database. When an update is produced in one on the subscripted tables, our XLA client receives the notification, processes the message and calls the acknowledge method to advance the bookmark.


      Sometimes, it can take a long time between updates in the subscripted tables, while the non subscripted tables keep being updated, producing transaction log accumulation as the bookmark is only advanced by our XLA client when it receives a notification.


      We are using CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE, but we have tried the three modes and the issue is still there. However, it is important for us not losing any message, so I assume CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE is our only valid option.


      I've read another post from January 2011 (https://community.oracle.com/thread/2157308) describing a similar issue. Chris then said he would open an enhancement request. Was there any improvement in this area? If not.. any suggestion in how to address this issue?


      Thanks in advance!

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