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    oracle forms and report builder - tns issues


      Dear all,


      I have installed weblogic server (10.3.5) and oracle forms and report developer 11g as well.


      The location of the weblogic middleware server is in C:\oracle\Middleware (This path also contains oracle 9i)


      The forms and reports has been installed in C:\oracle\Middleware\Oracle_FRHome1


      I am on windows xp 32 bit operating system


      I am already using oracle 11g which is in



      My oracle is working fine both the 9i and 11g versions.


      When i try to connect oracle using oracle forms and report i am unable to do so


      I have already copied the tnsnames.ora of the 11g database and copied into my forms and report developer.


      Still it says ORA- 12154 :TNS : could not resolve the correct identifier specified.


      Am i missing something .


      Experts please advice.


      Thanks in Advance ...