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    what is the 'Date' dataType format?



      I use sql developer and I have a table that on of the column has  'Date' dataType.I want to insert data to this column.but I don't know what is the format for Date dataType.I should write some procedure that in those, I should compare two date with eachother.so I need it.

      I use this format: 'dd,mm,yyyy'  but it doesn't work .

      use this format :  "mm-dd-yyyy" but also it doesn't work.

      also I want just date not hours or extra information.

      I want to get date in java application from jCalendare and sent it to sql developer.but I don't know how.

      every comand that I try doesn't work.

      what is the Date format in sql developer and how I can send data from Jcalendare in java???