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    Cman doesn't like Jdbc thin driver connect strings, does it ?



      I'm using Oracle Connection Mgr 11.2 to filter my clients access to databases.

      I've configured and allowed a PC to connect to a certain database, and when

      using SQL*Plus or Toad from this client, going thru cman, it works fine.


      But now the same guy has installed SQL Developer and it seems *impossible*

      to perform connections thru my cman server, they get systematically rejected


      ORA-12529, TNS:connect request rejected based on current filtering rules

      whether I try to go thru the TNS option connection (which does work with

      sqlplus...) or thru Advanced => and then setting "jdbc:oracle:thin@<complete TNS block>" !

      (using the 'Basic' option seems not possible as it only enables to specify hostname, port and SID...)


      Has anybody ever encountered this issue before ? How come SQL Developer gets rejected

      even when you use the TNS option, that otherwise works fine with sqlplus/Toad ?


      And is there a way to have a Jdbc thin connect string go thru a cman configuration ?


      Thanks a lot in advance for any hint...