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    Ultra Slow Performance


      Greetings to all,


      I got a machine to perform OSB/SOA development.

      This has Admin and Manage Server running in a cluster setup.

      With 4GB RAM the machine is becoming Ultra Slow.

      Is there any way I can just run the Admin Server?

      Because when I am removing the manage server , I am unable to see the OSB Test Console.


      Please help SOA & Process Management




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          Hi MD ,

          You didn't mention which version of WebLogic/SOA you are using .
          Here is a quick link which you can use to tinker  some parameters like setting up Java parameters for starting WebLogic server's.



          Thanks !

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            Abdul Shaikh

            Hii MD,


                   Please provide more information on clustering i.e how many servers are there in your clustering.


            As you specified you only 4GB of memory then we need to set the JVM heap parameter accordingly in the space of 4GB.


            Is there any way I can just run the Admin Server?


                    Yes we can run only Admin Server to do the development, the only thing is while configuring a domain you to point all the supporting Lib files to Admin server.


            You are unable to see the SB Console:


                   As you would have point the supporting OSB application to Managed server and once you shut down the managed server, the consoles become unavailable.




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              Dear All,


              I have created new domain - without OSB support and manage servers.

              Its running fine now. Now I am not performing any OSB development.


              In between I tried creating new domain without manage servers with tweaked heap setup in the environmental cmd scripts,

              but it was still facing memory issues...


              So as a work around had to create a admin server soa domain.


              Running jdeveloper is consuming a lot a think.


              Thanks a lot for your quick help.